Many rooms at Children’s Hospital of Buffalo and other hospitals throughout WNY are filled with children fighting for their lives, and families who are struggling to make ends meet.  For these children and families, small victories and miracles are often what gets them through this challenging time. Special Spaces Buffalo works hard to create those small miracles.

Our mission is simple; create “dream” bedrooms for children with life threatening illnesses in the Western New York area.  Their very own “special space” to heal, find peace, and just be a kid.

The original idea for Special Spaces was created by Jennifer Swain in Knoxville, TN.  Lynn Weber-Wall watched an episode of Secret Millionaire and saw Jennifer and her family create a princess bedroom for a little girl who had cancer. It inspired her to start the Buffalo’s own non-profit chapter of Special Spaces. Since that episode of Secret Millionaire aired in May of 2011, over 20 chapters of Special Spaces have opened up around the country.

Special Spaces Buffalo is funded solely through the generous donations of individuals, companies and organizations here in Western New York.  Unfortunately, there is never a shortage of sick kids, so the challenge will always be to raise money for the next bedroom makeover. In addition to donations from the community, Special Spaces Buffalo is in need of skilled workers (seamstresses, carpenters, painters, builders, etc. ) to assist with bedroom makeovers and volunteers to help with fundraising efforts.

If you are interested in helping out, please email one of our Directors or call us at (716) 320-0565.

Lynn Weber-Wall (lynn@specialspacesbuffalo.org)