Lauryn was the recipient of Special Spaces Buffalo’s 50th bedroom makeover on January 21st, 2017.  Lauryn is 13 years old and has been battling (and beating) ovarian cancer. She is the sweetest girl and we were so happy to give her a new room where she can relax and just enjoy being a kid.  We were also very excited to give her an autographed Ryan O’Reilly jersey and photo; he is Lauryn’s favorite Buffalo Sabre!  Lauryn loves her new room, and the smile (and tears) at the reveal made it all worth the work. This makeover was our 50th in just 5 short years. None of these would be possible without the generous donations and room sponsors such as Comforting Hugs who sponsored Lauryn’s room.

Lauryn’s Reveal


Lauryn’s Makeover