Sydney, who’ll be turning 14 next month, is happy to be entering high school soon! In the fall of 2011, she was having some side and back pain. She is a gymnast, and after a couple doctors and a few tests, it was determined she had muscle strains. A couple months went by, and one day when her parents were picking her up from gymnastics, she told them she could hardly stand on the beam, her legs were going numb and she was shaky. They knew something was not right and took her to a neurologist, who sent them for an MRI. The MRI showed an 8 inch tumor wrapped around her spine and crushing her spinal cord. Sydney was sent to Childrens Hospital of Buffalo were 4 days later, on Feb 7th, 2012, she had surgery to remove the tumor from the spine. Two weeks after the surgery they went back in to remove the rest of the tumor that was branching off into her chest towards her heart. All tests on the tumor at the time were benign.

Sydney recovered very well, and even started slowly back to gymnastics. She had an MRI every other month after that to ensure nothing regrew on the spine.
November 2012’s MRI showed large mass in her kidney, almost the size of a baseball. She was admitted for a biopsy the next day. This time, the tests showed cancer. She has B cell lymphoblastic lymphoma. She was in the hospital for 8 days while they put in a central line and stared chemo.
Sydney is now in her maintenance phase. Although she was looking forward to a bedroom makeover by Special Spaces Buffalo, she’s feeling better and wants to give back to to all those who helped her through her toughest fight. She wants the funds and resources slated for her makeover to go to another child who is more deserving.

We don’t feel there’s anyone more deserving than this generous & courageous young lady! However, with our limited
resources, we’ll take her up on her offer and “pay it forward”.

Be well Sydney! Thank you!!

Sydney’s Bedroom Makeover