Two heart warriors receive free trip to NYC

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It’s the gift that keeps on giving… literally. Going to New York City has always been a dream for 11-year-old Piper, who has a very rare heart condition. As part of her bedroom makeover sponsored by Berardi Immigration, she received a free trip to New York City. Piper then gave that trip to her 8-year-old friend, Grant Domogala, a fellow Special Spaces Buffalo alumni who’s also battling a heart condition. But this past week, Piper’s wishes to go to the Big Apple are coming true, yet again. Berardi Immigration gave her another trip to New York City, so that she’s able to fulfill her life-long wish while Grant is also able to go.

“It was amazing because she’s 11 and most kids that age are only thinking of themselves” said Rosanna Berardi, managing partner for the organization. “She got this trip of a lifetime, something she’s always wanted… she has a huge heart! So when I heard she wanted to give the trip to Grant, I was thrilled but we want to make sure she gets there as well.” Piper is one step closer to checking this off her bucket list. She says she hopes to go to the Big Apple some time in the fall. The trip includes an all-expense trip, travel fair, two night accommodation, and $500 for the heart warriors to spend on whatever they want.  Check out the news story on Channel 7’s website

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